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What’s your P.I.Q. (your Pumpkin Intelligence Quotient)?

Answer these pumpkin trivia questions and see how well you stack up against Farmer Ken! Then try some other fun by clicking on one of the other activities listed in orange.

  1. Pumpkins are ________.
    vegetables fruits minerals
  2. Pumpkins have been grown in North America for closest to____ years.
    500 5,000 50,000
  3. Pumpkins were probably served at what famous meal?
    The Last Supper
    The first Thanksgiving
    halftime at Super Bowl X
  4. Pumpkins are a good source of nutrition, as they are:
    low in calories, fat and sodium
    high in fiber, with vitamins A and B and potassium
    both of the above
  5. The largest known pumpkin in the world weighed:
    513 lbs. 3,211 lbs. 1,061 lbs.
  6. Pumpkins are members of the family Cucurbitacae, which also includes:
    cucumbers cauliflower broccoli

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